As Co-Founder & CEO of Stacked, I’m very excited to share that we’ve recently added some extremely strategic investors to our team 🎉

This round of expansion financing was lead by David Wieland, Lauren DeLuca, and their distinguished team at Motivate VC. This move was made with the purpose of putting some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors on a team to bring the best crypto investment product possible to our customers.

We’re thrilled to welcome Motivate, Starting Line, and Jump Capital who have collectively backed some of the most exciting consumer businesses in the world. …

We’re so excited to share Stacked V2 with you all. Most of the major overhauls we’ve made have actually happened on the backend to improve site speed, execution efficiency, and much more. However, V2 has plenty of exciting design changes to share with you as well!

If you’re an active user, when you log in to your Stacked account you’ll see a dashboard that looks something like this 👇

The Dashboard

Just like you’re used to on V1, this is where you will see all of your assets, your portfolio value, as well as the strategies you’re subscribed to. We also now…

It's with great pleasure that I announce the acquisition of!

Our mission is to democratize wealth management in crypto, providing all investors, regardless of background, access to high quality and easy to use investment tools.

By making automated investment and trading strategies available to users in a few taps, Stacked demystifies the investing experience for novice users. Stacked started as an execution engine for trading strategies, and it continues to evolve into a much more robust tool for all investors.

The Stacked platform strategies are offered by numerous traders, quants, hedge funds, and the like, which are required to…

After spending September in stablecoin mode, Bitcoin has opened October with two volatility-inducing events in as many days.

First, BitMex, the largest crypto derivatives exchange globally, was charged by the CFTC with illegally operating a cryptocurrency exchange and AML violations. Crypto markets promptly sold off on the news, but later in the day, they started staging a comeback.

The bounce was short-lived, however, as Donald Trump confirmed he had tested positive for COVID-19 in a moment of you can’t make this stuff up surrealism. …

As Co-Founder and CEO of Stacked, I’m thrilled to announce the next chapter for Stacked: we have closed a $1 Million seed financing round welcoming some incredible organizations to our family.

Along with our pre-seed investors at Mediatech LTD, which is increasing its investment after the early success of our beta product launch, we are joined by industry innovators who are playing a massive role in building the next generation of products and services within the digital asset ecosystem.

CoinFund is a leading investment firm that has been backing companies within the blockchain sector since 2015. The CoinFund team has…

LTO Network ($LTO) Overview

One of blockchain’s main narratives is that it will replace incumbent companies, networks, and infrastructures any day now. We’re constantly told that legacy systems and incumbent corporations are dinosaurs and, because they aren’t embracing Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Ripple, are on their way out. However, once we look at actual adoption use cases, bold claims such as Ripple replacing SWIFT in the next few months seem lightly plausible but heavily suspect.

What if incumbent corporations and legacy systems want to use blockchain, but because they carry so much weight in data, history, and operations, they need to split the difference between…

Cardano (ADA) Overview

Cardano is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the game by market cap, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood. For many of us, Cardano’s appearance on was a bit of an anomaly. One day, it was just there, ranked high up, and nobody knew what the hell it was. To this day, that may still be the case.

Let’s break the ice on Cardano and get a firm grasp of what the project is, what its developers hope to accomplish, and where the project is headed. As you may well know, Cardano’s underlying currency is called ADA…

Harmony ($ONE) Overview

This story is one you may already know. Bitcoin is introduced in 2008 as a peer to peer digital currency payment network. Several years later, Ethereum comes online and adds smart contracts to Bitcoin’s original proposition. The problem is that as of today, neither of them scales.

Scaling refers to the ability of a blockchain network to provide enough transactional throughput to properly host decentralized applications (DApps), digital currency payments/transactions, gaming, and other network-intensive use cases.

Decentralized networks provide unrivaled security when compared to their centralized counterparts. However, if those networks are unable to scale, developers working to build the…


Perhaps Matic Network caught your eye after posting 400%+ gains post IEO. Matic’s debut on Binance lived up to hype as buyers arrived in droves to push it higher and higher in a run that resembled the 30x ICO days of 2017. Is the hype justified? What is Matic Network in the first place? Let’s take a look at one of 2019’s hottest new digital assets to see if strong fundamentals are fueling its meteoric rise.

By now, the scalability trope is getting a bit repetitive in crypto. However, it’s justifiably mentioned because, as these are the early days of…


Background and Information

Blockchain is the Wild West. We know this from a trading/investing standpoint, but the same holds true from both technological and governance standpoints. Although blockchain started out with just one (Bitcoin), today there are many blockchains. Considering the amount of promise the technology holds for nearly every industry imaginable, you can bet that tomorrow, there will be countless blockchains all jostling for space.

The situation is quite like that of the birth of nations. They arise around common objectives. However, in the early days of civilization, tribes, nations, and eventually, empires had little to no cooperation with each other…

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