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So. You’ve made it.

You’ve seen the benefits of Bitcoin. You’ve heard the siren call of smart contracts. You’ve signed up for crypto exchanges. Maybe you’ve even installed a wallet or two, dabbled in DeFi, or explored the ins and outs of crypto lending. And all that has led you to an inescapable conclusion:

Trading crypto kind of stinks.

That’s right. We said it.

It’s confusing. It’s hard. Scalping? Swing trading? Day trading?

The process is complicated and costly, and simple mistakes can have severe consequences.

That’s why we built the crypto investment platform for people who don’t want to trade crypto.

When it comes to crypto, Stacked is here to do the heavy lifting for you.

Crypto Investing Made Easy

While there are professional day traders who manage to profit from complex strategies, the vast majority of crypto holders don’t have either the time or the commitment to build bots and algorithms that track price movements 24/7, let alone keep track of the difference between a market order and a limit order.

Still, the vast majority want a piece of the crypto revolution. More than 16 percent of American adults own cryptocurrency, and — bots or not — that number is only going to grow. After all, the same figure was only 1% in 2016.

Crypto is here to stay. Widespread adoption is expected by many to bring about the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. Benefiting from it shouldn’t be so complicated.

That’s why Stacked takes the guesswork out of crypto trading by automating the whole experience. We gather the top-performing cryptocurrency exchanges into a single interface that automatically buys, sells, and rebalances your crypto assets. Stacked is your one-stop solution to crypto investing, portfolio management, and trading, no matter what your skill or experience level is. We offer access to pre-built portfolios and market indexes that simplify and streamline the investing experience.

How does Stacked work?

Stacked makes crypto investing quick and easy. We’ve built a marketplace of automated investing strategies that allow you to put your portfolio on a safe and profitable autopilot. And Stacked connects with your crypto exchange accounts and sends trading instructions through an encrypted application programming interface (API). In other words, Stacked automatically connects with the crypto exchanges that you’ve used to manage your crypto portfolio in the past, and then manages your assets for you. And we never directly handle your crypto — your coins are always stored on the exchanges you trust.

For all its promise, dynamism, and opportunities, crypto can feel confusing and overwhelming — even to the pros. That’s why Stacked is here, bringing robust, long-term investment strategies to the most exciting asset class there is.

We’re here to help you HODL with confidence.




Cryptocurrency investment platform. Instantly buy popular indices, manage your portfolio, and access trading algorithms. Start for Free TryStacked.com

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Stacked Finance

Stacked Finance

Cryptocurrency investment platform. Instantly buy popular indices, manage your portfolio, and access trading algorithms. Start for Free TryStacked.com

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