Stacked Acquires Automated Trading Platform, Alertatron

It's with great pleasure that I announce the acquisition of!

Our mission is to democratize wealth management in crypto, providing all investors, regardless of background, access to high quality and easy to use investment tools.

By making automated investment and trading strategies available to users in a few taps, Stacked demystifies the investing experience for novice users. Stacked started as an execution engine for trading strategies, and it continues to evolve into a much more robust tool for all investors.

The Stacked platform strategies are offered by numerous traders, quants, hedge funds, and the like, which are required to develop and test their strategies before making them available on the platform. Thousands of these strategy creators trust Alertatron to execute their trades in a fast, safe, and secure way.

The trade execution technology built by Alertatron is extremely robust, offering countless order execution types, and will accelerate our technical roadmap for Stacked by at least half a year. currently automates over $1bn per month in market & limit orders for traders on the platform. Since the launch of Alertatron’s ‘trading groups’ product, volume figures are growing. Moreover, this product makes it extremely easy for popular trading groups to automate signals for users that want the service.

Read more on CoinDesk:

While Stacked is focused on being the go-to platform for retail investors to manage their total crypto portfolio, Alertatron solves an important need for more advanced traders behind the scenes. It’s a perfect match.

For now, the Alertatron brand will remain as is, and all operations will continue as normal; we will be expanding Stacked customer support to all Alertatron users starting today.

Stacked currently process over $1bn worth of market orders each month, completely automated for users. Users have also found success by connecting their exchange account to pre-built baskets like the DeFi Bluechip, DeFi Market Weighted, and SBF Basket — inspired by the favorite projects of FTX Founder & Stacked investor Sam Bankman-fried.

See also: Stacked closes Seed Round led by Alameda Research & CoinFund.

The Stacked strategy marketplace is home to a curated offering of forward-tested trading strategies made available from some of the industry's most popular traders and funds. The platform launched in early 2020, and the team is extremely excited about the milestones ahead. The addition of Alertatron is a huge win for everyone!

Stacked V2 — Launching in Feb.

Make sure to check out and sign-up for a free account. Also, be on the lookout for the launch of Stacked V2 in the next few weeks!

Thank you for your continued and unwavering support.

The crypto community is incredible. 👏

Joel Birch

CoFounder / CEO




Cryptocurrency investment platform. Instantly buy popular indices, manage your portfolio, and access trading algorithms. Start for Free

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Stacked Finance

Cryptocurrency investment platform. Instantly buy popular indices, manage your portfolio, and access trading algorithms. Start for Free

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