Stacked Adds Strategic Investors to Let Everyone in Crypto Invest Like Hedge Funds

As Co-Founder & CEO of Stacked, I’m very excited to share that we’ve recently added some extremely strategic investors to our team 🎉

This round of expansion financing was lead by David Wieland, Lauren DeLuca, and their distinguished team at Motivate VC. This move was made with the purpose of putting some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors on a team to bring the best crypto investment product possible to our customers.

We’re thrilled to welcome Motivate, Starting Line, and Jump Capital who have collectively backed some of the most exciting consumer businesses in the world. This includes incredible startups like Chime, Cameo, Public, BlockFi, Voyager, TradingView, and many more.

We’re also humbled to welcome M1 Finance CEO, Brian Barnes. M1’s story is an inspiration to us in their ability to democratize — at no cost — actively managed investment portfolios, much in the same vein as what we hope to deliver to the crypto market.

What’s next for Stacked?

With the support of these phenomenal partners, in addition to the continued support of our existing investors MediaTech, Alameda Ventures, & CoinFund, we have a massive year in-store for the Stacked platform. The traction we’ve gained since launching our strategy marketplace has been phenomenal to watch and we’re excited to launch our new suite of products to take the platform to the next level.

In Q1 of 2021, we saw more users, volume, revenue, & profit than we had all of 2020. Our users are absolute rockstars 🤘

Some exciting new things ahead for Stacked include:

  • Mobile App that will bridge the gap between all of your on-exchange assets & allow for beautifully simple management of your portfolio.
  • Fiat on-ramp that will allow new & existing investors in the US and abroad to buy digital assets directly from Stacked.
  • Pre-built Stacks from leading hedge funds, indices, & top asset managers to guide users in their investing journey.
  • Curated, and regulated 😬, investment advice based on your financial goals.
  • More automation. This means auto rebalancing, dollar-cost averaging, round-ups, compounding interest, tax-loss harvesting, & more.

A few words from our new investors

75% of US stock trades are automated today. We believe that as the crypto market matures, the shift to automated crypto trading will be significant, and Stacked is in a perfect position to not only capture that demand but also offer complementary products and services to its users. We are thrilled to partner with Stacked on the journey ahead.

David Wieland, Founder & Managing Partner, Motivate VC

“Stacked is at the forefront of democratizing crypto investing for retail investors. We are very excited to partner with Joel and Stephen and help them build a seamless unified platform for investors at all stages of their investment life cycle.”

Saurabh Sharma, General Partner, Jump Capital

“I’ve experienced firsthand the anxiety and stress that the 24/7 nature of volatile crypto markets can impose on the average investor’s well being. Stacked solves this for main street investors by automating and simplifying crypto investment strategies into a clear dashboard that anyone can understand.”

Ezra Galston, Founder & Partner, Starting Line VC

We started this company with the mission to simplify crypto investing and to help as many people as possible take part in, what I believe to be, the greatest technology advancement & investment opportunity in history.

We can not wait to show you what’s coming next. I’m extremely grateful for the continued support 🙏

Make sure to sign up for free at & stay tuned for more!

Joel Birch, CoFounder / CEO




Cryptocurrency investment platform. Instantly buy popular indices, manage your portfolio, and access trading algorithms. Start for Free

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Stacked Finance

Stacked Finance

Cryptocurrency investment platform. Instantly buy popular indices, manage your portfolio, and access trading algorithms. Start for Free

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