Stacked Closes Seed Round with Alameda Ventures, CoinFund, and others 🥳

As Co-Founder and CEO of Stacked, I’m thrilled to announce the next chapter for Stacked: we have closed a $1 Million seed financing round welcoming some incredible organizations to our family.

Along with our pre-seed investors at Mediatech LTD, which is increasing its investment after the early success of our beta product launch, we are joined by industry innovators who are playing a massive role in building the next generation of products and services within the digital asset ecosystem.

CoinFund is a leading investment firm that has been backing companies within the blockchain sector since 2015. The CoinFund team has a unique and comprehensive understanding of decentralized finance protocols, blockchain engineering, and asset management - a match made in heaven for us!

Alameda Ventures (the investment arm of Alameda Research) is perhaps best known for being one of the most innovative firms to enter the industry in the last few years. Alameda Research is a leading quantitative trading firm managing over $100mm in assets and trading over $1.5b per day across thousands of investment products. Alameda Research is also one of the core partners of FTX — the fastest growing derivatives and futures exchange in crypto.

“We’re excited about Stacked because they’ve removed the complexity of automating crypto investing & trading. With a beautiful user experience at its core, experienced and new traders alike will have no difficulty deploying strategies from a wide range of algorithms or passively managing funds through the index products.”

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO @ FTX

This round comes off the back of our successful beta launch of the Stacked bot marketplace in January 2020. We have experienced some healthy early traction as we have developed our investment execution engine.

Since launch, we’ve processed over $2bn in notional trading volume across multiple exchanges automating tens of thousands of trades.

What is Stacked?

Simply put, Stacked is a platform that connects to your exchange accounts and allows you to instantly access vetted trading strategies and investment portfolios.

Stacked makes managing your long-term investments really easy…

Stacked makes using a trading bot really easy, too…

We believe that for most people, trading crypto kind of sucks 😅

There are plenty of automated strategies out there but no great user interface to access them. With Stacked, we changed that.

Running an algo should take minutes, not hours or days, to set up. We give strategy authors a turnkey platform to license their strategies to traders.

Check out all the strategies and their fully vetted performance history, after fees, on the Stacked Marketplace.

What's next?

As we look toward 2021, we are excited to continue creating the next generation of the Stacked platform. We will evolve from a transparent trading strategy marketplace to a robust digital asset investment platform.

We look forward to building assets on top of some of the world’s best DEX’s, offering managed portfolios from funds, the ability to earn interest through DeFi protocols, and more!

Stacked New UI Coming Soon

Stay tuned and be sure to join the conversation on Twitter 🍰

Thank you for your continued support!

Joel Birch — CoFounder @StackedCrypto

Read the official Press Release here




Cryptocurrency investment platform. Instantly buy popular indices, manage your portfolio, and access trading algorithms. Start for Free

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Stacked Finance

Stacked Finance

Cryptocurrency investment platform. Instantly buy popular indices, manage your portfolio, and access trading algorithms. Start for Free

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