Stacked V2 Beta Walkthrough 🍰

We’re so excited to share Stacked V2 with you all. Most of the major overhauls we’ve made have actually happened on the backend to improve site speed, execution efficiency, and much more. However, V2 has plenty of exciting design changes to share with you as well!

If you’re an active user, when you log in to your Stacked account you’ll see a dashboard that looks something like this 👇

The Dashboard

Just like you’re used to on V1, this is where you will see all of your assets, your portfolio value, as well as the strategies you’re subscribed to. We also now show your account value over time. If you’re already running a live strategy, you will not have to set it up again.

One of the reasons users love Stacked is because we also act as an aggregator for your multiple exchange accounts.

By default, we’ll show you an entire list of the assets you hold on your connected exchange accounts.

To view only the assets for one particular exchange, simply choose that account from the “All Assets” dropdown.

The Marketplace

Going forward, we are putting a much larger emphasis on the curation of investment strategies for you! The reality is, strategies are a dime a dozen and there are plenty of websites that will give you a long list of backtested BS to choose from.

We’re working on something very big behind the scenes right now that will let us take our recommendations to the next level. For now, we’ve separated out strategies to bring your attention to.

To explore the full set of strategies available just click the “Explore Marketplace” button.

The marketplace is split up between “Stacks” and “Strategies”

Stacks are pre-built portfolios for spot investments. Strategies are automated trading bots for futures trading.

You can also add filters, sort by PnL, time on the platform, and more, to find the strategy that’s best for you.

Strategy Set-Up

Setting up your bot is just as easy as before and takes just seconds. You can click “Set up” on the card on your dashboard or click the setup button on the strategy management page.

On V2, we’ve moved the setup information to this sub-screen as to not waste room on the strategy page with the information you only need to see one time.

The Strategy cards on your marketplace will change based on whether or not you’re in a trade, waiting for one, or not yet set up.

The stop button allows you to override any active trade and close all or some of your position manually.

On the strategy setup page, simply select your exchange, equity, and leverage parameters, and click save. Only adjust the trade management information or “Cross Margin” if you know what you’re doing and feel comfortable adjusting those.

The performance chart has been updated as well to help you better understand previous performance. Remember, all trade entries you see on Stacked are from live signals, not backtested data.


Entry and Exit prices on the performance chart are now based on average actual user entries/exits instead of bot signal price. This ensures that the PnL considers the average slippage a strategy may experience and keeps the historical data as accurate as possible.

You will now see your personal profit for any strategy you run on Stacked ❤

“Stacks” 🍰

Pre-built, theme-based, portfolios anyone can invest into with just a few clicks.

To set up any Stack, you just need a Binance account (support for all exchanges coming soon).

You can customize any Stack to your liking or leave it as default. Once you own a Stack, you can easily make edits to your portfolio on the fly.

Custom Stack backtest

You can backtest any composition of coins in your Stack to see how the investment performed vs USD & vs BTC. You can also see how various rebalancing strategies would have affected returns.

Of course, past performance is never a guarantee of future results, but it’s helpful to have the data to make a more informed decision for yourself.

Coming Soon

Stacked Select will bring actively managed portfolios to Stacked, allowing users to follow vetted funds & popular investors while maintaining custody of their assets at all times.

The portfolio manager is launching soon (a few weeks)! You will finally be able to manage all of your assets on any supported exchange as well as track your investment strategy performance.

You will be able to instantly swap any of your assets for other support tokens and get a complete view of your portfolio without having to log into multiple exchange accounts.

Plus much much more.

Here at Stacked, our mission is to lower the barrier to entry for crypto investors to profitable long and short-term investment strategies. By having the most transparent and easy-to-use bot marketplace, the best strategies will rise to the top and the bad ones will die off.

With pre-built Stacks you no longer have to worry about managing the nuances of a specific portfolio of correlated assets like DeFi tokens. Users no longer have to manually rebalance their portfolios, removing the complexity of long-term crypto investing.

Beyond what you see in V2 right now, our roadmap is stacked full of exciting new developments, including a mobile app, fiat on-ramp, interest accounts, and more.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Feel free to submit feedback through your Stacked dashboard or contact us on any of our social media accounts.

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